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Email Disclaimer - Conditions - Monitoring Policy - Virus Policy

General conditions
All services and other work provided by Grontmij or any of its subsidiaries are subject to the general conditions DNR 2011.

Visit the website of NL ingenieurs to download these conditions in:

If you wish to receive a hard copy of these conditions, please send an email with your address to "info[at]grontmij.nl"

Receipt in Error:
The information contained in this communication is confidential and may be legally privileged. It is intended solely for the use of the individual or entity to whom it is addressed and others authorized to receive it. If you are not the intended recipient you are hereby notified that any disclosure, copying, distribution or taking any action in reliance on the contents of this information is strictly prohibited and may be unlawful.

Accuracy & Content:
Grontmij NV is neither liable for the contents, nor for the proper, complete and timely transmission of the information contained in this communication over the internet. Any opinion expressed in this email may be personal to the author, and may not necessarily reflect the opinions of Grontmij NV or its affiliates and may be subject to change without notice.

Personal Information
Any personal information contained in this email is provided solely for the purpose stated in the message and must not be disclosed to any third-party or used for any other purpose without consent.

Virus scanning
All messages passing through our servers are scanned for viruses. We have a strict new-virus update policy. Moreover e-mail containing attachments with high virus risks will not be accepted. The sender will be notified. Mail that appears to come from us, containing viruses, may not be sent through our system. In such case, please always check the mail header to find out if the sending server was valid.

Grontmij NV is neither liable for the proper and complete transmission of the information contained in this communication, nor for any delay in its receipt.

Monitoring Policy
All electronic communications with Grontmij NV is automatically monitored for content violating the Grontmij NV code. Any message, inbound or outbound, violating this code may not be delivered. Grontmij NV is not accepting mail from known bulk, spam or open relay mail servers.

Abuse reporting
Abuse can be reported to abuse[at]grontmij.com

Technical Notes Grontmij mail source
All our mail should source from: IP subnet and IP addresses found in the following SPF record: spf.protection.outlook.com

Spoof policy
Quota : Per one email quota : 100 recipients and 32 attachments with a maximum size of 25Mb total.

Technical contact
For technical issues, please contact postmaster[at]grontmij.com


Grontmij websites use cookies. These so called session cookies are installed only to monitor the type of visitor and his/her information needs. With this information Grontmij continuously improves her websites. In accordance with EU-regulations we kindly ask your permission to continue using these cookies. Without your consent, you can still visit our websites but your session will not be monitored.