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Whistleblowing arrangements

At Grontmij, employees have the possibility to report alleged general, operational and/or financial irregularities within the company without jeopardising their legal position. They can do this through the ‘Whistleblowing Procedure’ that is one of the safeguards embedded in the Grontmij Integrity Management System.

Key elements of the Whistleblowing Procedure
The Whistleblowing Procedure was adopted and is monitored by the Executive Board. Employees can report incidents or issues if they have a reasonable suspicion about facts or circumstances that involve (the threat of):

  • a: serious violation of Grontmij’s Business Policy, Business Principles and/or Code of Conduct;
  • b: a situation that exposes Grontmij to a liability in potentially significant amounts or to great reputational risk;
  • c: a hazard to public health, safety, society or the environment; and/or
  • d: the deliberate concealment, destruction or manipulation of information concerning the facts or circumstances as mentioned under a through c above.

In general, the Whistleblowing Procedure designates the Business Integrity Officer as the officer to whom reports should be made. Where a report concerns a member of the Executive Board, the report shall be made to the chairman of the Supervisory Board.

Employees may choose to report anonymously.

Reports will be treated as confidential. The procedure contains strict provisions on who may be involved in the investigation of the report and who may be informed of the conclusions. The reporting employee’s identity – if the report was not made anonymously - will not be revealed, unless he or she expressly agrees thereto or legislation or a judicial decision obliges disclosure.

The reporting employee will not suffer detrimental effects in his or her current or future position within Grontmij as a result of making the report. An exception to this is if the report relates to the reporting employee’s own acts or omissions, if it was made on false grounds and/or for the sole purpose of adversely affecting Grontmij or another employee, or if the reporting employee seeks external publicity prior to completion of the Whistleblowing Procedure.

This information is posted on pursuant to II.1.7 Netherlands Corporate Governance Code.

Whistleblowing arrangements

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