Highlights - Planning & Design - Most sustainable office in the world, Wuhan, China 

Most sustainable office building in the world, China

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Wuhan New Energy Institute in Wuhan, China 

Grontmij 's consultants were responsible for the innovative and integrated sustainable approach of this extraordinary building in China. It resulted in a conceptual design for all engineering disciplines.

The Wuhan New Energy Institute including an Exhibition Center is a new-built project of 70.000 m2 gross in the Wuhan Future City development zone in Wuhan, China. The sustainability-concept and the architecture of the main-building is inspired on nature: the calas lily flower, which symbolises for purity, hope and greatness. The tower will be surrounded by five laboratory-buildings and an exhibition center. The combination of  BREEAM-international New Built label and a 3-STAR award of the Chinese Green Building Evaluation Label implies this building will be one of the worlds most sustainable office-towers.

Conceptual design
The conceptual design of this project emphasizes the theme of new energy utilization while it meets the basic functional requirements, which gathers the new energy technology industry resources from Hubei Province, from all over China, and even the whole world. After the accomplishment of construction, it will be the most influential pilot architecture with renewable energy in central China and its main building shall be guaranteed to get the most senior Three-star Award in the Chinese Green Building Evaluation System. In addition shall for the main building also be aiming for the highest foreign certification with a BREEAM-international bespoke award.

Grontmij - leading engineering consultancy
The Grontmij consortium (Grontmij as leading engineering consultancy together with Shanghai Xian Dai architectural and engineering group) was the bid-winning company of the international request of proposal and now we have a signed contract since October 2010 to work out the proposal design to a further detailled design with the goal of starting the construction in summer 2011. Grontmij has the lead in the conceptual phase of the following disciplines: procesmanagement, sustainability, architecture and urban planning (Jos van Eldonk), structural engineering, building systems engineering, energy, building physics and fire safety engineering.

Date of publication: 20 April 2011

Highlights - Planning & Design - Most sustainable office in the world, Wuhan, China

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