Eiffel tower - Vue de l'esplanade du premier étage © agence Moatti-Rivière 

Eiffel Tower

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Paris’ iconic landmark, the Eiffel Tower, is being transformed. The Tower’s first floor used to be an intermediate stop for the millions of visitors every year. Now, it has become an attractive feature in its own right with Grontmij responsible for the technical and environmental components, including structure, energy and air conditioning.

The redevelopment includes shops, information points to help visitors understand the tower and its history, a restaurant and a glass floor to facilitate viewing. Furthermore, three new all-glass pavilions have been designed to match the existing style of the Tower and will give visitors an even better view of the city of light.

The sustainable refurbishment of an historic landmark requires both knowledge and sensitivity – both embedded in our ‘sustainability by design’ principle. How can the latest technologies be incorporated without negatively impacting the original structure? At Grontmij, we systematically take lessons learned from previous projects so that we can apply them to new projects.

The Eiffel Tower is not the first historic building to benefit from our expertise. In 2009, Grontmij Belgium won the prestigious Public Spaces Award for its redesign of Machelen’s city centre. Obviously on a much larger scale, the same conceptual, sustainable thinking went into the transformation of the Eiffel Tower.